New HeiaHeia challenges

Learn how our new challenges work and how to participate.



Our new challenge concept was introduced with the HeiaHeia update in Autumn 2022. The challenges are gamified challenges where you progress on a virtual map through your own activity and daily choices. You can playfully compete as an individual or together with your team to reach the moon, conquer Mount Everest or travel around the world!

Along your way, you can unlock milestones with interesting and fun contents about the challenge topic. The goal is to reach the finish line in a given time and to have fun in the name of well-being! 



How do I move forward on the map?

Depending on the rules of the challenge, you will move forward on the map by logging your activities or steps in HeiaHeia.

Connect your wearable device, your phone's health app or log your activities manually in HeiaHeia. Here you will find instructions on how to connect: wearables, Apple Health (iOS) or Google fit (Android). If you participate in a challenge collecting steps, it is important that your steps are logged daily in HeiaHeia. See here  for  more detailed instructions on the different ways you can log your steps.  

You can earn bonus for yourself and your team - still depending on the challenge rules - by completing micro-actions or logging your exercises and hobbies. See below for more details. Please note that bonuses are challenge-specific and are not automatically available in all challenges. 

How do I participate?

You can participate as a team and/or as an individual. 

All challenges have a daily activity target. This target is always individual and the total daily target for a team is calculated according to the size of the team.

For example:

Activity target is 10 000 steps / day / participant.

The target for a 2-person team is 2 x 10 000, for a 3-person team it is 3 x 10 000 etc.  
In a team, one team member may collect 12 000 steps per day and another 8 000 - this way the team stays within its daily target, but the team member who has collected 8 000 steps misses slightly his/her personal target. However, you can catch up again the next day by collecting 12 000 steps. Please note, that part of your daily steps can be gathered from bonuses! 

Follow your progress on the challenge page

You will find the challenge and the map in the app's home page. Open the challenge page by tapping "Details" to see more detailed information about the challenge (start and end dates, daily target, progress and included activity types).

In the browser version, you will find the map here: My HeiaHeia -> Your organisation name. For additional info, click on the i-icon in the right upper corner of the challenge banner. 


  •  Milestones:IMG_F9EE55B69B75-1
    As soon as you reach the milestone, you can discover the fun and motivational milestone contents on this page. You'll unlock the milestones based on the progress of you, your team or your community. On this tab, you can also see how much progress you still have to make to unlock the next milestone. 

  • Leaderboard:
    The leaderboard shows you your result as well as top contributors, top teams etc. 
    On the map you see yourself, your team, the current game leader, the current team race leader and the target pace. These are preset and cannot be hidden from the map. You can also choose which 10 players and teams you want to see on the virtual map. Tap on "All" and select the teams and/or people you want and then tap on Update map. 


If you don't want to be visible on the map or participant lists at all, tap on Adjust your visibility and turn off Participant lists and reporting. You will then only participate anonymously. 


Finish line reached!

The goal can be to reach the finish line in given time or even to be the first to finish. The campaign will not end until the end date, even if participants finish before the end date. See the status of the race on the map. 


Examples of different challenge types


1. Mount Everest - climb to the top of the world! 


1600px_square_everestIn this four-week challenge, you and your team climb to the top of the world's highest mountain by collecting steps and earn bonus steps by logging physical activity and doing micro actions of wellbeing on HeiaHeia. You will conquer Mount Everest when you collect 10 000 steps per day. On your way to the top, you will unlock 6 milestones. 

For example, this is how you reach your target:

  • 7,700 steps, 30 min of home yoga and one micro action.

  • Exercise = different number of steps depending on the physical intensity of the activity.
  • Hobbies: 30 min = + 600 steps
  • 1 micro action = + 500 steps

Check your community challenge to see the rules of your challenge.  

2. To the moon!


In this 8-week challenge, the rocketship uses your active minutes as a fuel. You’ll succeed by logging an average of 30 minutes of activity per day. Take your pick from 600 different activity types available on HeiaHeia - and earn bonus minutes by completing daily micro actions, small routines that add up to big health gains. 

On your way to the moon, you will unlock 6 milestones. 

Reach the daily target for example like this:

  • 25 min walk and 2 micro actions a day. 

Check your community challenge to see the rules of your challenge.  

Keep the rocket on the move! 


3.  Around the world


1600px_square_worldIn this challenge, you follow in the footsteps of Jules Verne's famous book. 

The six-week adventure starts in London and proceeds on the map from one city and one continent to another. The ultimate goal is to make it back to London before the deadline.

The route can be finished by collecting 10,000 steps per day. In addition, you can earn bonus steps by logging exercises and micro actions of wellbeing on  HeiaHeia.


The cities marked on the game map act as milestones, and by reaching them, you can virtually visit 9 different cities. 

For example, collect daily steps like this:  

  •  5,000 steps from your wearable, your phone's own health app or manually logged, 30 minutes of gym and 1 micro action. 


  • Exercise = different number of bonus steps depending on the physical intensity of the activity.
  • Hobbies: 30 min = + 600 steps
  • 1 Micro action = + 500 steps

Check your community challenge to see the rules of your challenge.  


4. A challenge tailored to your community

A custom challenge has its own game map and rules, which you will see on the challenge page ->  Details.