Logging steps in a step challenge

Learn how to log your steps correctly in your community's step challenge.

In a step challenge, the community collects steps together, usually either for a common goal or in teams. All steps you take during the day will count!  There are different ways to log your steps:

  1. You can connect your wearable to HeiaHeia and allow the step data to be imported into HeiaHeia, so your data will automatically be added to the step count of the challenge. In HeiaHeia, the steps are shown as "Daily activity". For instructions on how to connect your wearable with HeiaHeia, please click here. 
  2. You can connect HeiaHeia to your phone's health app. By allowing the import of step data, your activity will automatically be transferred into HeiaHeia and to the challenge. Your steps will be shown in HeiaHeia as "Daily activity". Follow the links for instructions on how to connect your health apps to HeiaHeia on your iPhone or Android phone.  
    Tip: Through the Health app, you can also receive step data to HeiaHeia from wearables or apps that can be connected to a health app but not directly to HeiaHeia. 
  3. If you don't use a wearable or health app, you can also log your steps manually. NOTE! In this case, select Steps as activity type! Tap on the blue PLUS sign -> Log Activity  -> Wearables -> Steps (or directly Log Activity -> Steps). All your logged steps are added to the daily total. The number of steps cannot be changed or deleted later. 
    Please note that the steps will NOT be included in the challenge if you enter them under Advanced in for example Activity type Walking! 

Once you have logged your steps in one of these three ways, you don't need to log anything else. You can, of course, if you wish, log other activities on HeiaHeia to keep better track of your workouts, activity and progress, but only your Daily Activity or your entries in activity type Steps will count for the challenge. 

Please do not connect both your wearable and your phone's health app to HeiaHeia, as this may result in double entries, because the same information will come into HeiaHeia from both sources.