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How to log your steps in HeiaHeia

Find out in this article about the different ways you can bring your steps to HeiaHeia.

There are three ways to bring your steps to HeiaHeia. When you log your steps in one of the following ways, your daily steps will be counted in your community step campaigns. 

  1. Connect your wearable device (Garmin, Polar, Fitbit, Suunto app) directly to HeiaHeia IMG_02F39A308025-1 and allow step data to be imported. This way your daily steps will be automatically imported into HeiaHeia. For instructions on how to connect, click here.  

  2. Connect your phone's health app to HeiaHeia (Apple Health on iOS and Google fit on Android). By enabling the import of wellness data, your steps will automatically be imported to HeiaHeia. 
    Follow the links below for instructions on how to connect your health app to HeiaHeia:   
     - Connect Apple Health app (iOS).
     - Connect Google Fit health app (Android).

    Tip: Through the Health apps, you can import step data to HeiaHeia from such wearables or apps that can be connected to a health app but not directly to HeiaHeia. 

  3. If you don't have a wearable or use a health app, you can also log your steps manually in HeiaHeia: In the app, tap on the blue PLUS sign -> steps-icon and enter your steps.  In the browser version: click on the red plus-icon -> Steps. All your logged steps are added to the daily total. 
    Please note that the steps will NOT be included in the challenge if you enter them under an exercise type, section Advanced.
    Logging steps manually



You can see your automatically imported steps in the app as Daily Activity on the My Wellbeing tab of the app (4th tab) -> Exercise and hobbies.  Your manually imported steps can be found in the same place as Steps.  In the browser version, your steps are shown under the training log.


Once you have logged your steps in one of these three ways, you don't necessarily need to log anything else. You can, of course, log other activities and exercises on HeiaHeia to keep better track of your workouts, activity and progress. In certain challenges, logging your exercises, hobbies or micro actions can earn you bonus points! 


Please do not connect both your wearable and your phone's health app to HeiaHeia, as this may result in double entries, because the same information will come into HeiaHeia from both sources.