All about teams in HeiaHeia

Learn how to create and manage teams. What kind of teams are possible to create and how to invite members?

Team races are a popular form of challenges in HeiaHeia. There are two different ways to create teams for a team race: Either you as admin create the teams for the community or  you let the members set up the teams they want themselves. 


1. Teams created by admin and inviting members

A. If you are implementing HeiaHeia in your organisation, the easiest way to set up  the teams is to create them when inviting members to your community. This way the members join both the community and the team at the same time. 

There are two ways to join a team and community: 

  • By email:  If a new member joins the community by accepting your email invitation, she/he will also automatically join the right team. Admin just needs to enter the team name into the invitation excel list, which will be imported into our system. This easy-to-use tool can be found in Admin actions, under Invite members.  More detailed information and an excel example file here
  • By sign up code: New users can join the community using a sign up code. In this case the user needs to select his/her team when joining. If you wish to have all users in official teams, the best way is to create the teams beforehand and set joining a team obligatory. In this case, it is important to name the teams so that is it clear for user which team she/he is supposed to join. Here's where you can create the teams: sign into the admin actions -> admin panel -> manage teams -> create teams. Click the teams as Official. 

B. If you already use HeiaHeia, but your organization doesn't have teams yet, you can easily update all users with our User Management tool and enter there a team name for each user. You will find this time saving tool in Admin actions, under Invite members.  More detailed information and an example excel file here. The teams created with this tool are official and private (more about this below). 


Official team or unofficial team?  

Official team is created by admin and an unofficial team can be set up also by a member of a community. The difference between these teams is that an official team is shown in a team race TOP team banner but an unofficial team can be left out of the race if needed. If you want only the official teams to appear in the TOP team banner, go to admin panel and click on Company profile -> edit -> Use only official teams in rankings


When you create teams as admin in 1) admin-panel (admin panel -> manage teams -> create teams), click the team as official (if needed). 2) If you create the team using the Management tool, the team will automatically be official. Updating teams with Management tool only affects official team. This way you won't delete by mistake teams created by the community members. 


Unofficial teams. Sometimes it is a good idea to let the community members set up their teams be themselves for a team race. It is also possible to let the members create their own teams in addition to the official teams. These teams might be very motivating for the members. All teams set up by members are unofficial and they can be created and managed in HeiaHeia's web version, under teams. 

Sometimes there are old teams in the community, but you still want to keep them. In case only the new teams are supposed to participate in a team race, you can mark the old teams unofficial. This way the old ones are excluded from the race.


Public, closed or private team? 

These 3 options are available for official and unofficial teams:

- Public team: All community members can join.  

- Closed team: Team is visible when browsing teams. Membership only by request.  

- Private team: Team is not visible when browsing teams. Membership only by invititation. 


Teams and rewarding programs 

All entries included in the team race are taken into account. If a member doesn't  want to take part in rewarding programs, her/his entries are taken into account anonymously. She/he is not listed by name in the reports.


Changes in team memberships 

Like mentioned above, changes are easy to update using the User Management Tool, which you'll find in Admin actions, under Invite members. 


Inviting a member: 

If you have only a few new members to invite to a team.

1. Log in -> My HeiaHeia ->  your organisation  -> admin actions -> Admin panel (log in again).

2. Click on Manage teams

3.  Choose List of teams

4.  Search the team and open Team profile  

5. Add user to this team


Removing a member from a team: 

1. Log in -> My HeiaHeia ->  your organisation  -> admin actions -> Admin panel (log in again).

2. Click on Manage teams

3.  Choose List of teams

4.  Search the team and open Team profile  

5. Click on List of team members

6. Expel from this group 


Community members can join (depending on settings) and leave teams by themselves but they cannot remove other members from a team.