User management

Update of your community members' data, add or remove users and update teams - all in just a couple of clicks.


1. User management tool

2. Adding and removing users one by one

1. User management tool

If you have a lot of changes in your organization and you have a lot of data to update, our user management tool will help you to do all this in next to no time. You will find the tool in Admin actions under Invite members. 


User management tool EN


1. Export users to table

This feature allows you to export the current members of your community and their data in HeiaHeia into an Excel file. Listed information:  

- Email, first and last name, language, coaches, teams, and in some cases also ID. 

You can use the excel for updating the members' data. 


2. Import users

This function will update all the changed data in HeiaHeia at once.   

Import data 1 EN

If you choose Replace all existing users, please note, that this function will remove all members of the community that are not included in your excel file. 

 If you add new users, they will automatically receive an invitation email to join the community. 


Click Next. On the next page you can download a template for the excel file to be imported. 

Your Excel-file must conform to the template! 


Import data 2 ENG


You can leave the ID empty. This is needed only in special cases. 



Updating teams and team members is easy using this tool. You can include old and new teams in the excel file. In case, your excel file includes a new team, the program will create the team when importing the excel into the system. This tool only affects the official teams, so you won't accidentally delete unofficial teams created by the users themselves. All new teams are private as default. This you can change later. 

If a person is a member in more than one team,  the team names should be separated with commas in the excel. 

New team members will be invited into the team by email. 


Upload the data after you have made all changes into the user data in the excel. After uploading, your changes will be listed on the page and you can review them before importing them into the system (s. adding, removing, updating, no changes and errors). 


Click next. You will be asked to confirm the import. After accepting, the data will be imported and you have easily updated the user data of your entire community in next to no time!  


2. Adding and removing users one by one


You can invite new users also one by one by email or by a code. 


Inviting by email:

1. Open your Admin actions

2. Choose Invite members

3. Invite by Email: enter the email address and other information needed. If you have a team challenge, you can pick here the team for the person you are inviting. When accepting the invitation he/she will automatically join the correct team. 

4. Add more rows if needed. You can send 10 invitations at a time.

5. Send invitations. 

If the user already has the free version of HeiaHeia, he/she will update to the Pro version when joining the community with the code. Please note that the invitation should be sent to the same email address that was used for creating the free user account - otherwise the new user will have two accounts. The user can afterwards change the email address connected to HeiaHeia. 


Admin invite users


Inviting by using the sign up code:

Give a sign up code to all new users you want to invite to become a member of the community.  

The user can enter the code when creating a HeiaHeia account. If your community has teams, the user can choose the team in the sign up process. 

If the user already has the free version of HeiaHeia, he/she will update to the Pro version when joining the community with the code. Read more about joining with a code on mobile phone or on browser (for example, where to enter the code in the free version).

Sign in codes are practical if you are inviting a lot of people. 


Removing members from the community


For removing a member you need to go the Admin panel. 

Admin panel

1. Log into the admin panel with your email and password. 

2. Click on Manage users

3. Choose List of users

4. Search the person you need to remove and click on Open profile. 

5. Remove from the community.


Removing a member from a team

1. Log into the admin panel with your email and password.  

2. Click on Manage teams

3.  Choose List of teams

4.  Find the team and click on Open profile

5.  Choose List of team members

6. Expel from this group