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Managing members

Managing your community members and updating their information is easy with the Manage Members admin tool.

As an admin of your community, you can manage the memberships of your community.  On the Manage Members page, you can update changed member data, remove old ones from the community, browse member information in more detail or invite new members (read more about inviting) . Log in to the browser version of HeiaHeia with your login details, open the Admin tools in the top right corner and click on Manage Members



1. Updating members' data


You can easily update all your members' data in one go by uploading their data to the system as an excel file.

  • First, on the Manage Members page of the Admin tools, download the List of Members and Teams.
  • Make all needed changes to the excel list.  Please note that the file must conform to the excel template. Not all fields need to be filled in, but email, name and language are mandatory. Note: The email address cannot be updated using the tool except in certain specific cases. An account is linked to an email address, so changing the s-mail will create a new account. Changing email address can be done by the member him/herself or you can always contact the Helpdesk.
  • If you have teams in your community: It's easy to update team members with this tool - just add the team name for each member. You can list new and old teams in Excel. If a team does not already exist in HeiaHeia, the system will create it when the Excel file is imported into the system. Only official teams are managed by this tool, so you will not accidentally delete or modify unofficial teams created by users themselves. A new team will be private by default, i.e. only invitees can join it. This can later be changed to a public team, for example, if desired. 
    If a person belongs to more than one team, the team names can be separated by a comma in the excel table. Please note that for the same reason, there should not be a comma in the team name.
  • Upload the excel to the system under MASS-INVITE MEMBERS (this is also where you invite new members). Choose Invite new members, update existing members and click Next.

Näyttökuva 2023-10-11 kello 15.44.59

Upload your excel. Under Adding / Removing / Updating / No changes / Errors you can  check all the data you are going to upload:


  • Click Next and confirm the upload by clicking Next once more to start the upload. 


2. Removing old members 

You can remove all no longer members of the community in one go using the Massinvite Members Tool. 
Proceed as above, but on page 1/4, select the second option, Invite new members, update existing members, remove old members not in your list.

Note that in addition to inviting and updating data, this function will remove from the community any members who are not in your Excel file. The user account will not be deleted, only the membership in the community is removed.  

You can also delete members one by one, see the option Browse members. Open the small blue arrow on the member -> Remove from community.


3. Browsing members


Näyttökuva 2023-10-12 kello 12.15.35

To view the account details of members invited to the community, go to Browse members. Here you can see eg. the status of the account:

1. Community member: The member has opened an account and joined the community. 

2. Free account: the user has opened an account but has not yet joined the community, i.e. the e-mail invitation has not been accepted.  

3. Not in HeiaHeia: The member has been invited but has not opened an account and therefore has also not joined the community.

To open the account details of a user, click on the small blue arrow next to the member.

Here you can see more details about the user's key data, such as whether they have given their consent to be included in reporting and participant lists with their name (yes/no). You can remove the member from the community or send a password change link.  The email change should be done on behalf of the HeiaHeia Helpdesk.