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My wellbeing page

My wellbeing page is summary of your wellbeing data, trainings, achievements and much more. You can also track your progress on achieving your own goals.

You can find the My Wellbeing page in the app in the bottom right-hand corner of the bottom menu bar. On this page we have gathered all important information about your own wellbeing. You will get a better idea whether your activity level, amount of steps taken and sleeping hours are adequate for your own health.  Follow your activity level compared to some common health recommendations and to your own goals and track your progress towards achieving them. 


1. Wellbeing goal

Set yourself a general wellbeing goal that motivates you and increases your wellbeing. You can set your goal as private, if you wish. 

2. Weekly exercise

The purpose of this view is to show, how you are doing compared to some of the most common healthy lifestyle recommendations. Read more here. Tap on the question mark to show your yearly stats. 

IMG_F3FCE2BBECBE-13. My exercise target

Add yourself a weekly exercise target in hours, amount of exercises or distance. Try to achieve this target every week and make physical activity a habit! Tap on More to see your statistics of each year. Tap on the question mark to edit your target. 


4. Days over step target

Add yourself a step target in the Settings of your profile or via the question mark and try to reach your target every day! Track your progress on weekly and annual basis on your Wellbeing page. How many steps would be a good target? Check here.  Tap on More and see some weekly, monthly or annual statistics for your steps.  

The easiest way to import your steps is to connect HeiaHeia with a wearable or with a health app of your phone (s. instructions) but entering steps manually is  also possible. 

5. Nights over sleep target

 Add yourself a sleep target in the Settings of your profile or via the question mark and try to reach your target every night! Follow your achievements on the wellbeing page on weekly or annual basis.

For importing sleep data you need to connect a wearable or other sleep tracking device that can be connected to HeiaHeia. If this is not possible, you can always enter your sleeping hours manually (log sleep). Read here more about sleep target.  


More data about you

On this My Wellbeing page, you will find even more data about your performance. Check here your weight log or your TOP sport arts and how many times you have logged them during the year. More detailed information can be found in your Training log and Wellbeing log. Choose Year to see the logs of different years. 

We have also gathered all your Achievements on this page! 


If you need more information about your statistics, please log into the browser version of your account (heiaheia.com) and click on Stats.  Here you can filter e.g. by tags or by different sport arts. Read more here.