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Weekly exercise tracking

Create healthy lifestyles - one week at a time. The purpose of this view is to show how you are doing compared to some of the most common healthy lifestyle recommendations.

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A & B:
The WHO and many national health authorities recommend at least 2h 30min of endurance type exercise and at least 2 times of strength and mobility type of exercise each week. Filling the bars each week is an easy way to stay on track! 

C: A common step target is to take 10 000 steps a day, but research suggests that already taking over 5 000 steps daily is beneficial for your health and reduces risks of various lifestyle diseases. Also, try to collect your steps throughout the day: sitting still for long periods of time is shown to be a root cause for many lifestyle diseases, and cannot be fully compensated with exercise.


D: A common sleep target for adults is 7-9 hours each night. A key to good sleep is consistency: consistent wake-up time, consistent bedtime in your own “sleep window”, and avoiding sleep disturbing factors before bedtime. Getting these right leads to adequate sleep per night.


How have we defined, which activity types belong to endurance and which to strength and mobility? We took the simple approach and classified each of our 500+ activity types into either Endurance, Strength and Mobility, or neither of these. If you want to check, where e.g. BodyPump belongs to (it could be either), tap the “Plus menu”, then tap “Log activity”, and check the contents of the Endurance and Strength & Mobility categories.


Tip 1: Tap on different parts of the card to see more and to edit your goals! Tapping the daily step and sleep numbers take you to a view with long term step and sleep streaks: unlock health benefits by meeting your goals consistently weekly, monthly, and yearly levels.

Tip 2: You can change the card on the home page if you prefer to see there for example your progress towards your own goals. Go to settings and choose your favourite card. Read more here


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