Changing the email address

Learn how to change your email address in HeiaHeia web version.

Changing your email address is possible in the web version only


If you have access to your old email, follow these instructions: 

1. Log in and click on your account (your name) and choose Settings. 

2. Scroll down to Email. Type your new email address and click Save.

3. You will receive a confirmation email to your OLD email address.

4. Click the link to confirm. NOTE! Please confirm as logged in to HeiaHeia. 


If you don't have access to your old email anymore, please contact us and follow the instructions below: 

We can help you to change the email address, but for security reasons we need to identify you first as the owner of this HeiaHeia account. Therefore, please answer the following questions when submitting the ticket:

1. When did you register as a user? 
2. How many friends do you have in HeiaHeia (approximately)? Please name a few friends.
3. Have you added wearable devices to your user account (if so, which ones)?
4. Are you a member of a community or a group? Which one?
5. Which new email address would you like us to link your account to? 


Next, go to the browser version and set up a new email address for your user account.

On your HeiaHeia account, click on the menu at the top with your name/profile picture and select Settings. Scroll down to Email Address, enter your new address and save. After identifying you, we will send you a confirmation link for verifying the change of your email address. NOTE! Please confirm as logged in to HeiaHeia. 



If you just want to manage your email settings and notifications from HeiaHeia, choose Update email settings under Settings.