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Setting up a Step Challenge

This article provides you useful tips on setting up a step challenge and avoiding duplicate steps.

Step challenges are a very popular way of engaging people in free-time healthy activity. The number of daily steps also has to do with real health benefits, such as prevention of disease.

In setting up a step challenge for your community, there are a few practical things to keep in mind to measure the steps correctly and to avoid duplicating step counts.

Steps are usually imported into HeiaHeia from a wearable or from a phone (iPhone: Health app / Android: Google Fit). Entering steps manually in HeiaHeia is also possible, using the Steps activity type.  


Setting up a step challenge in admin actions: 

1. Choose a challenge type (campaign type) . For examplem a common goal: Walking together from A to B. 

2. Choose to measure Physical activity.   

3. Pick Daily activity as the activity in the dropdown list. Don't pick any other activity types!

4. Choose steps as the measurement unit. NOTE: We don't recommend applying a conversion (hours into steps), because it can cause excessive step counts and confuse participants (see note at the end of this article).

5. Enter the target (number of steps). You will find tips in setting a suitable goal here (coming soon).  

6. Finalize by entering a motivating title and choosing a background image for the challenge meter - it will be visible to all participants.

7. Send a message to all members of your community and launch the challenge. Messages can be sent later also. 


Tips for informing your community members about importing the step data:  

1.   Connect your wearable OR the health app of your phone (Health app / Google Fit) to HeiaHeia. We recommend you to connect only one of these, as connecting BOTH a wearable and the health app of your phone to HeiaHeia may cause duplicate imports of steps. More information here

2.   You can log all your activities manually into HeiaHeia, but for the step challenge, only the following data will count:

i) daily activity imported from your wearable or phone and

ii) activities that are logged manually into HeiaHeia, using the activity type Steps.

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More information about setting up HeiaHeia Challenges can be found here


Extra information - Conversion of hours to steps

Converting hours of activity to steps may cause confusion among participants about step counts, so we only recommend using a conversion if you see a specific reason for it. Here's an example of how steps are counted using conversion:

An organisation has a step challenge set up, using a conversion of any activity into steps (1 hour = 5,000 steps).

A challenge participant goes jogging for one hour, wearing a wearable that is connected to HeiaHeia. After the jog, she manually enters the activity into HeiaHeia as 1 hour of jogging.

-  Her actual step data for the jog, e.g. 10,000 steps, is automatically imported from the wearable into her HeiaHeia account.

-  The person's entry, 1 hour of jogging, will also be converted into 5,000 steps in the challenge meter.

The participant now has generated a total of 10,000 + 5,000 steps to the challenge, which may sometimes cause confusion, especially when steps add up. Furthermore, entering steps when manually logging certain activities won't result in these steps being included in the challenge.

For these reasons, we recommend the following practices in step challenges:

A. Not to use the conversion (hours into steps)

B. If a participant wants to log steps into HeiaHeia manually instead of importing from a wearable or a phone, the participant should always pick Steps as the activity type from the list (and not walking, jogging etc).