Avoid having double entries

You can avoid duplication of workouts and data in HeiaHeia by connecting your wearable and Apple or Google Health apps in a correct way.

If you are using both a wearable device and Health App (iPhone) / Google Fit or Health Connect (Android) and you connect both of these to HeiaHeia, you may end up having trouble with the same data entered twice into HeiaHeia. This might happen because both devices are providing HeiaHeia the same information. 


To avoid duplicate data, we recommend that you only connect either your wearable device OR the Apple/Google health app, but not both. 


Wearables that can be directly connected to HeiaHeia are: Garmin, Polar, Fitbit and Suunto app.

If you use another wearable that can only be connected to the health apps, you can import your data into HeiaHeia without the risk of double-entry by connecting 1. the wearable device to the health app and then 2. connecting the health app to HeiaHeia.

If your workouts and steps are already synchronised from your smartphone or health app, there is no need to manually log this data in HeiaHeia. 


Here's how you can check your connections:



1. Open the app -> open your account from the top right corner -> wearables & Health App

2. Under the Get data from my phone,  turn OFF (or ON) Steps etc. and Exercises.  In the picture the switch is off, so none of the data from the health app is transferred.   


1.IMG_EAC1EE9036D7-1    2.  IMG_F6F552D12422-1 



  1. Go to your HeiaHeia account (profile icon in the upper right corner) 
  2. Select "Wearables & your phone"
  3. Google fit: Under Get data from Google fit, turn OFF or ON the sliders for Steps and sleep and Exercises.  
  4. Health Connect:  Under Get data from Health Connect, turn OFF or ON the sliders for Steps and sleep and Exercise.  

1. Android account ENG.    2 Android ENG