HeiaHeia Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Learn how to manage your privacy in HeiaHeia.

Mutual support and encouragement can be a tremendous exercise and activity motivator. In case you’re not comfortable with sharing personal information with others, HeiaHeia can be used as a personal training diary.

You can manage your privacy in two ways: with privacy settings and with friendships. 


  • HeiaHeia does not automatically share activity logins with other users.
  • Your training log will only appear in the HeiaHeia feed of your HeiaHeia friends. This applies to work communities as well: Only colleagues who have added one another as friends on HeiaHeia will be able to see one another’s training logs in their personal feeds.
  • HeiaHeia users own their personal information and decide who they share it with.
  • Users can adjust their privacy on two levels: the privacy settings and through friends added.
  • You control who sees your profile and training log through the Privacy settings
  • Adding and having HeiaHeia friends is the determining factor: only your friends automatically see your activities in their feed. 
  • You can participate in a HeiaHeia workplace wellness program without sharing your activities. The workplace admin has access to activity summary reports but not the individual logins of individual users.


Adjust your Privacy Settings (web):

  1. Log into www.heiaheia.com > Account > Settings 
  2. Under Privacy, choose who can see your profile and training log. You can also set a preference for who sees route (map) and location data attached to your entries.


Adjust your Privacy Settings (mobile):


  1. Tap Account > Settings
  2. Choose who can see your profile and training log

Android phones:

  1. Tap Account > settings symbol in the right upper corner
  2. Choose who can see your profile and training log


What are the differences between privacy levels in your profile? Privacy levels can be changed in Settings.

  1. HeiaHeia users: Your profile and training log is visible to all HeiaHeia users.
  2. HeiaHeia friends and colleagues: Only your HeiaHeia friends and those in your HeiaHeia community can see your profile and training log. Other HeiaHeia users will only see your name and picture.
  3. HeiaHeia friends: Only people you have added as HeiaHeia friends can see your profile and training log. Other HeiaHeia users will only see your name and picture.

Other Privacy Settings:

  • Private entries: You can always login an exercise and other entries as Private and it won’t be shared with your HeiaHeia friends, simply mark the entry, or edit past entries, as Private.
  • Certain entries are private by default: Training logs are shared with HeiaHeia friends by default, whereas entries such as weight, steps taken or sleep are private and will not be shared unless a user chooses to share them with others (by removing a certain entry from the Private category). All questionnaires taken and answers provided through HeiaHeia are private.
  • If you are invited to participate in a community's team race campaign and you are not interested in it, you can choose not to participate. Read more here

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