Launching HeiaHeia - first message to your personnel

The following is a template that you can use for the first message to your personnel. Note: Please check and edit the text, especially the items in [brackets] to fit your plans for the community.

Message template:

Find your own, enjoyable everyday habits! 

To make this possible, we've decided to offer everyone the HeiaHeia Pro app and use it to organise inspiring wellness programs that we can participate in together. 


How you'll personally benefit from HeiaHeia:

  • You can find new ways to improve your wellbeing by earning points.  
  • You can learn new things about co-workers near and far, and feel the motivating impact of the community by sharing your activities and cheering one another.
  • You can take part in inspiring challenges and wellness programs. [You could be eligible for rewards.]


Our first challenge will start on [date]! 

  • [Add a short description of the challenge, e.g.] Take some time for a good night's sleep. Get your sneakers out and take your bike instead of car! The first challenge focuses on everyday wellbeing: "Small actions instead of massive projects"! 
  • [Add a description of the goal: Our goal is to achieve travel around the world together by exercising; Our goal is to earn points and achieve wellbeing levels.]
  • [Add a description on how to take part, e.g. Each hour of exercise is converted to distance, so anything counts!; You earn points by exercising, sleeping and taking steps]
  • [Add a description of possible rewards, e.g. Prizes will be awarded on mm/dd, based on wellbeing levels achieved.]


How to join the challenge?

[option 1:]

You will receive an email invite [date]. Accept the invitation and create your account as instructed.

[option 2:]

Here's how to join:

  1. Download the HeiaHeia app on your mobile phone. You can find it in the app store by searching for "HeiaHeia". The app is free.
  2. Select "Create an account" and enter the code: [your community passcode] 
  3. [if your community has teams] Select your team from the list.

If you are already using the free version of HeiaHeia:

You can update your account to the Pro version. Read here how to update.

Frequently asked questions


  • Can I connect my wearable? HeiaHeia supports most common wearables and can also import data from the health app of your phone. For more about importing data from other sources, please read here.
  • Which data can I track in HeiaHeia? HeiaHeia users typically track their exercise, sleep and steps, on an ongoing basis. These earn you points that allow you to achieve new wellbeing levels. In addition, you can learn healthy habits from other areas of wellbeing (habit challenges, programmes and wellbeing achievements). HeiaHeia has over 600 different activities, from lawn mowing to triathlon.
  • Can I participate without a wearable device? Yes. You can participate by entering your activities directly in HeiaHeia. HeiaHeia can also import your steps from your mobile phone, so a wearable is not required for that purpose either.   
  • Why would I import my data to HeiaHeia? HeiaHeia gives you valuable feedback based on your own data. Are you exercising according to the general healthy lifestyle recommendations? Have you had enough rest? With your entries, you can also take part in inspiring challenges and win prizes (depending on your organization's program). 
  • Where can I get support for technical problems? Support is available online:
  • How does sharing activities work? You can choose how you want your activities to be shown to others. You can add other community members as your HeiaHeia friends, and they will see entries that are not marked as private. In HeiaHeia, you can also decide whether you want to participate in your employer's individual challenges (rewarding programmes), or just be included in the aggregate statistics, i.e. a summary of the total activity of the community. You can read more about privacy here.
  • Can I participate without sharing my activities? Yes, you can, it's up to you. This would mean you are using it as a private journal, and your activities would only be included in the aggregate statistics.
  • Does HeiaHeia give advice on exercising or changing habits? Yes! You have access to hundreds of different types of professional content for improving your wellbeing, including topics such as Body, Mind and Better Workday. 
  • Who owns my data? You own your data and you can delete it from the HeiaHeia Service at any time. Please note that deleting is an irreversible action.
  • What happens to my data if my employer discontinues the HeiaHeia for Workplaces service, but I would like to keep using it? You can continue to track your wellbeing with the free version of HeiaHeia, so you can keep your great achievements even if you no longer have access to the Pro version.