Updates to the step bonuses for physical activity and hobbies

In this article we explain what the bonus system for HeiaHeia step challenges is based on and how much bonus you get for different activities.

At the core of the HeiaHeia step challenge is of course collecting steps. You can import your steps by connecting your wearable or your phone's health app to HeiaHeia or by manually logging your steps in HeiaHeia.

In addition to steps, you can also earn a bonus by logging exercises or hobbies. The bonus is based on the intensity of the activity. Exercises or hobbies logged in HeiaHeia manually or via a wearable earn a bonus as presented below.

We have divided the activities into four different categories based on the MET value of the activity:


  • Category 0 = 0 bonus steps
  • Category 1 = 30 min makes 1 800 bonus steps
  • Category 2 = 30 min makes 3 000 bonus steps
  • Category 3 = 30 min makes 4 500 bonus steps
  • Category 4 = 30 min makes 6 000 bonus steps


*Exceptions are running and skiing, where a lot of steps are logged by mobile phone apps and wearables. 

Example:  Your wearable connected to HeiaHeia shows that you have taken 7 000 steps. On top of this, you have been in the gym for 30 minutes.

You have earned for the challenge: 7 000 steps + 4 500 bonus steps from the gym (Category 3).

See bonus step values here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B6G8NWEhN1tKmjuRYuFs0zJJLNduKeskgeRS5CxG9VY/edit?usp=sharing

What is the MET value?

MET stands for Metabolic Equivalent. The MET value describes the increased energy consumption caused by physical activity (active use of muscles) compared to resting levels. 

Source: https://www.terveyskirjasto.fi/dlk01039 (in Finnish). 

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