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Reports and statistics

As a HeiaHeia Admin user you have access to a wide range of different reports and statistics about your community.

With HeiaHeia's reporting tool, you can quickly access various summaries of your community and a wide range of reports on community, team and individual level. The statistics include all users who have given their consent to be included.

Challenge results or community-wide reporting?

Please note that the reporting will provide you with community data on all activities of community members, but it will not always give you a direct result of the community challenge. For example, if certain activities are excluded from the challenge, this will not be reflected in the reporting. 

To see the results of your challenge, go to Admin tools -> Run challenges -> Challenge statistics. Please note that if the challenge is a team race, the challenge statistics will show the result of the team, not the result of the individual team members. 

Community-wide reporting

The quickest way to get a report is to use the HeiaHeia report tool under the Admin tools.  Follow these instructions to get your report or to view statistics: 

  1. Log in with your HeiaHeia password here.  
  2. Choose the organisation you need the reports for under My HeiaHeia

    Admin reports EN 1-1

  3. Click on Admin tools -> Reporting. 

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  4. Select start and end dates for your report/statistics.  The report tool will refresh to reflect the timeline you chose. 

  5. Then select the category, s picture above. You have 6 categories:
  • Overview. On the Overview page, you can see basic information about your community, as well as a summary of the activity of the whole community on various indicators. 
  • Community and teams 
    1) View community statistics on popular sports, wellbeing entries, programmes and achievements. 
    2) Team statistics provide comprehensive information on team activity, e.g. in terms of distance covered (km / mi), average exercise hours per week and some more detailed information. You will also find statistics on the number of steps taken by teams, wellness entries and the number of cheers. Team wellbeing scores are listed in two columns: current scores (over the last 3 months) and scores for the timeline you have selected.
  • Wellbeing points
    The points are based on physical activity (exercise and hobbies), steps, cheering and micro-actions.  In the Wellbeing points report, you can see the total score of members and the average points per day / member. Read more about the points here.

  • Highlights. Here you can see the highlights of your community members' entries! You can use these to motivate your community in your info messages.
  • Leaderboards
    The Reports category contains a wide variety of individual-level data.
    1) In the Leaders reports, you can see the most active members of your community by various indicators, e.g. who logged the most kilometres/miles, cheered the most or logged the most exercise entries? 
    2) Weekly statistics give you individual-level information on the total number of exercises logged for the week, broken down into the areas of Endurance and Strength & Mobility. 

  • Custom
    If you only need information on specific activities or wellness tasks, you can find the data by typing in the exact name(s) of the activity or wellness task in the box and clicking on Add filter. Remember to also select a timeline for the report.  
6.     To download reports or statistics, go with your mouse over the statistics/report and click on the cloud icon. Then choose report file you wish to download  under Download full results.Näyttökuva 2021-1-4 kello 14.39.59

You can't see all users in the report?

This is because individual users are listed only, if they have given consent to participate in rewarding programs. Read more here

Sometimes, the reason for a missing user in the report may be that the user has received an invitation to join the community but has not yet accepted the invitation. Therefore, he/she is not yet part of the community. 

Why can't I see all categories in my admin view? 

It depends on your admin rights whether you can see not only community and team statistics, but also individual reports. The report for the wellbeing test is visible if the test is used in the community.

For questions regarding your admin rights, please contact us.

Can't find the report you need?

Depending on your service level you can also order custom made reports from HeiaHeia. Order a custom made report by submitting a ticket. Please see instructions here.