The HeiaHeia Wellbeing Points are renewed!

Collecting points is more fun and easier than ever. Read here for a short briefing on the new points system.

In early 2024, we launched a completely redesigned and improved wellbeing points system for HeiaHeia. This update allows you to easily track your daily points score by different sub-areas directly from the front page - whether it's steps, exercise or other activities. Thanks to the new point system, participating in points challenges will be really easy.

A much requested innovation is also included:  Points will be earned based on the intensity of the physical activity. Exercise types have been divided into categories, with more intense exercise earning more points than lighter exercise. You will see in your entry how many points you get for your activity.

However, the point system is based on steps (1 step = 1 point). If you wish, you can achieve your daily goal by steps alone. Exercise, micro actions, etc. will earn you extra points on top of your steps.  


Points ENGThe default rules for points are described below. Please note, however, that depending on the rules of the challenge, you might receive more points for micro actions.

Determination of points

Steps: 1 step / 1 point

Exercise: 20 - 200 points / minute

Micro actions: 500 - 2000 points / micro action 

Hobbies: 500 points / hobby

Cheering: 100 points / cheer, max. 1000 points per day.



My day card

You can easily view your daily points in different sub-areas on the My Day card, right from the app's home page. In the news feed, you can also see how many points you earned for a certain activity.  By tapping on the total score on your My Day card, you can see your accumulated points by sub-area, as well as by month and year. Points are cumulative and do not expire.

Friends' score in the entry

In the news feed on the front page, you can now also view the points your friends have earned for their activities.  Get motivated to collect points with your friends! If you are participating in a point challenge, you can also check your friends' and community members' total challenge points in the top lists of the challenge page. 

Daily score? 

If you're taking part in a challenge, follow the daily challenge target and try to reach the point target every day.  In general, we recommend aiming for around 7,500 points per day.