Rewarding programs

What is a rewarding program and how to take part.

Some employers or organizations motivate their community members by rewarding the participants for their activity or offer the opportunity to participate in a community or team challenge.


Examples of reward programs are if you have reached a specific goal, taken over 10,000 steps a day (average) or reached level 2 in Wellbeing Score. In addition, employers may have their own programs, such as tracking sports during Kiky hours, distance, photo campaigns, etc.

The whole team or individuals can get rewarded.


The rewarding program is turned on as a default setting. 

If you don't want to share your individual achievements, your activities are still counted anonymously in common / team result. 


If you do not want to take part in your employer challenge or rewarding programs in the HeiaHeia application, you will need to indicate you do not want us to share this information.


Mobile: Go to Account – settings – rewarding programs – toggle off

Web: Click on your account (your name) – settings – participating in possible rewarding programs – click to turn off the program.