How to manage your HeiaHeia community

In this article we will explain how to manage your HeiaHeia community's profile, edit micro actions and how to add or remove Admin rights of users.

Manage Community is divided into three sections and as Admin user you have a possibility to make changes to each.

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Community Profile

Under Community Profile section, you can edit the community name and the URL address. Note that if you change the URL address the old email invitations won't work anymore, so please re-send the invitations.

Language of the weekly challenge updates allows you to determine the language of the weekly summary of challenge progression that is sent out automatically every Monday to your community members feed. This feature also determines the default language of email invitation letter. The email invitation's language can be selected to be other than the default when sending the invitations.

Community info shown at onboarding. Here you can edit the default text shown to members who are onboarding to your community.

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View of how the community info is shown when onboarding in the HeiaHeia app.

Add your company logo to make the onboarding feel more customized. The logo is also shown at the front page's mini challenge meter when a challenge is on. Recommended logo is square image, with PNG format, size 512x512.

Once you have done the changes click save.

Micro actions

You can alter the visibility of micro actions by enabling/disabling them under the Manage Community -> Wellbeing actions. The ones that are enabled,  can be logged by the community members.

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Admins and Coaches

As an Admin you may have a possibility to grant Admin rights to other community members. In the Admins and Coaches section, choose Admins -> Edit. Search the member you wish to grant admin rights. Click the blue arrow in the same column and grant the desired Admin rights by clicking it. Remove the admin right by clicking it again.

Community owner: Can add other admin roles, approves contracts like the DPA, does not have other admin roles by default. This can be granted only by your HeiaHeia contact person.
Community admin: Can access all admin tools and only organisation level reporting
Rewarding admin: Can access individual level reporting
Content admin: Can access content management tools in old Admin panel

Read more about the Admin rights: 

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