Admin roles and rights

Read this article to find out what kind of admin roles you can have and what rights each role has.


As an admin you have access to the admin functionalities of your community where you can...

  • create inspiring challenges,
  • inform and cheer the community members using the info message tool, 
  • manage the community members and teams, 
  • enable/disable microactions,
  • view the activity and statistics of the community. 


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Summary of Admin roles.

Community owner: Can add other admin roles, approves contracts like the DPA, does not have other admin roles by default. This can be granted only by your HeiaHeia contact person.
Community admin: Can access all admin tools and only organisation level reporting
Rewarding admin: Can access individual level reporting
Content admin: Can access content management tools in old Admin panel

With Community admin -rights you can do all this. You can view community activity in the admin actions' community dashboard, on the Overview or on the Community and Teams pages. You will see information about teams or the whole community, and you can view, for example, the most popular sports or wellness activities in the community, or which team has been the most active in terms of workouts or wellness points. For more detailed information on teams, download the full team report. Always remember to first select the start and end dates you want for the review period. 

If your service level includes member-specific reports, you can access these in addition to the functions listed above with Rewarding admin rights. This will give you access to information such as the members with the most entries or kilometres, the most cheers, and the members who have registered the most different sport arts. For more detailed statistics, you can download the Full individual report. Always remember to first select the start and end dates you want for the period under review. The reports include those individuals who have allowed their data to be shared by accepting the rewarding programs.

In certain specific cases, Content admin rights allow you to create your own content, such as programs, tests and videos for your community library.  

If you have any questions about the different admin roles, please contact us.