Getting started with HeiaHeia and managing account settings (mobile app)

How do I start using the app? Where can I adjust my account settings to match my preferences?

You have opened your account successfully and now you are ready to start - that's great news! Here are some tips to get started as well as information about account settings. 

Getting started


1. Connect your wearable or other devices with HeiaHeia (wearables, Apple Health or Google Fit). This way you can automatically import your activity data to HeiaHeia. 

2. Find yourself friends on HeiaHeia. 

3. Set yourself targets and goals. These will help you to stay on track week after week. 

  • Daily step target and sleep target: You can set these targets under your account settings. Tap on the profile icon in the right upper corner -> settings (see more below).
  • Wellness goal and weekly exercise goal: These two you will find in the My wellbeing page which you can access by tapping arrow icon in the bottom menu.  

4. Check your account settings and adjust these according to your preferences. Tap on the profile icon in the right upper corner.  

5. Start logging your activity

The following settings can be managed in your profile and settings: 

- Upload or change your profile picture 

- Connecting wearables and health apps

- Settings:

  • Choose your home page card view. 
  • Daily step and sleep target 
  • Privacy settings: Choose who you want to share your entries with, who can see your profile, trainings or your location data. For more detailed information about privacy settings, please read this article. 
  • Measurement units (metric / imperial)
  • Tracking: When tracking a training, choose between moving time or total time of the exercise. 
  • Terms of use, Privacy policy and rewarding programs (rewarding programs available only in the Pro version). You can choose whether to participate in rewarding programs that complement your organization's wellbeing challenges.
  • Manage your email settings and notifications. Choose which types of information you want to receive from HeiaHeia as a notification. 
  • Set a reminder time for your planned entries or programs: the app will remind you about the planned activity at this time.
  • Delete account. Deleting the account is permanent and will delete all your data associated with your account. 

- Support: On our support pages, you will find a range of information and answers for frequently asked questions. If you wish to contact us, submit a ticket on our support pages and we will get back to you shortly. 

Blog: Read more about HeiaHeia news! 

Sign out from your account. 



Changing the app language: The app uses the same language as your phone. If you want to change the language of the app, go to the general settings of your phone and change the language there.  

Please note that you are able to manage some settings only in the browser (web) version of HeiaHeia. For example, you must use the browser to change your user name or your email address.