Reports and statistics

As a HeiaHeia Champion user you have access to a wide range of different reports and statistics about your community.

How to get a report? 

The quickest way to get a report is to use the HeiaHeia report tool under the Admin actions.  Follow these instructions to get your report or to view statistics: 

  1. Log in with your HeiaHeia password here.  
  2. Choose the organization you need the reports for under My HeiaHeia
    Admin reports EN 1-1

  3. Click on the icon of Admin actions. 
    Admin reports EN 2-1
  4. Choose Community Dashboard
  5. Select a timeline for your report/statistics in the top right corner.  
    Admin reports EN 3-1
    The report tool will refresh to reflect the timeline you chose. 
  6. Then select the category, s picture above. You have 4 categories:
  • Overview. On this page you will find an overview of  the activity of your whole community as well as the breakdown per person in different variables such as physical activity (steps and exercises) or amount of weekly exercises, a breakdown of wellbeing  levels and an overview of social activity. 
  • Community and teams. Here you will find 1) statistics for the whole community, including the most popular sports and wellbeing records; 2) statistics for teams, showing the average activity hours of different teams or the average wellbeing score of a team.  Full team report is a comprehensive report that contains more information about the teams' performance detailed into different columns.
  • Reports. This category allows you to see individual informations, such as 1) the TOP lists and 2) the Full individual report. 
    The TOP lists show, for example, the members with the most entries and the most different entries, as well as the members who have logged the most kilometres and the most cheers. 
    Full individual report is a comprehensive report that contains more information about the individual's performance detailed into different columns.
  • Wellbeing check. This statistics gives you information on the results of the monthly recurring wellbeing check that the members are asked to respond to. Due to privacy reasons, results are only showed if there are 5 or more answers. You can view the average score of all members, the breakdown of the score or average score per question. 
7.     To download reports or statistics, go with your mouse over the statistics/report and click on the cloud icon. Then choose report file you wish to download  under Download full results.Näyttökuva 2021-1-4 kello 14.39.59


You can't see all users in the report?

This is because individual users are listed only, if they have given consent to participate in rewarding programs. Read more here


Why can't I see all categories in my admin view? 

It depends on your admin rights whether you can see not only community and team statistics, but also individual reports. The report for the wellbeing test is visible if the test is used in the community.

For questions regarding your admin rights, please contact us.

Can't find the report you need?

Depending on your service level you can also order custom made reports from HeiaHeia. Order a custom made report here (coming soon).