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Your profile and settings (web)

Under your profile and settings you can manage your account, privacy and connect a wearable.


Choose Profile under your name in the right upper corner. If desired, you can complete your user profile here by entering the following information: 

1. Set yourself a wellbeing goal. Click on click to set target. Choose any goal, which promotes your wellbeing. 

2. Upload or change your profile picture. Click on Change and upload a picture from your computer. Other users will see your profile picture. 

3. Enter your personal information like weight, height, date of birth, gender, your sleep target, sport arts, records and highlights. 

4. Set your daily steps target and your sleep target



Click on your name in the right upper corner and choose Settings. All your account settings can be easily managed here.

1. Privacy settings: Choose with whom do you want to share your entries and who can see your profile, training log or your location data. For more detailed information about privacy settings, please read more here.            

2. Wearable devices: Connect your wearable tracker with HeiaHeia. You will find more information about the supported wearables and which information they share with HeiaHeia here.

3. Password:  Change your password. 

4. Email: Change your email address.You need to click a link in the confirmation email sent to your old email address.

5. Notifications: Manage your email settings.

6. Community memberships:  If you have received a sign in code from your employer or from an organization, enter the code here and click on Join! You will also be updated as a Pro Version user. Another option to join a community is by an email invitation. 

7. Language: You can use our service in many different languages. Change your language here.  

8. Measurement units: Choose between two different units (km, kg, Celsius or mi, lb, Fahrenheit) 

9. Public pages: Create your own public profile page by entering the name for your page. It will be visible for all Internet users. Your public page address will be http://heia.me/name you entered.

10. Applications: See which applications have access to your account. Managing the access is done under the application settings. 

11. Account:  You can copy and export all your data in HeiaHeia.  Deleting the account is permanent and will delete all your data associated with your account.