Team challenge: Collect the most different sport types

Here' a template for the Collect the most different sport types -challenge. Copy the text and edit only the challenge-specific information for your community.


Which team to collect the most different sports types?

  • Encourages to try out new sports
  • Campaign type: Team
  • Goal: The goal is to try different sports as a team and try to reach at least 25
  • Duration: 1 month

In this HeiaHeia-challenge, the teams compete to see which team tries out the most different sports. The sports can vary between triathlon to everyday exercises. Browse through HeiaHeia activities menu, get inspired by the versatile range of different sports and choose yours to try. Try to reach at least 25 different sports or even all 600  as a team! 

The challenge lasts a month from xx.xx.202x to  xx.xx.202x.

The teams are already in place (Note to admin: check that the teams are in place, if not read: and check yours from HeiaHeia application’s second tab by selecting “Teams”. Plan your team tactics and share your vibes by posting photos on the HeiaHeia homepage. Now is the time to choose feet over car and stairs instead of elevator. These small actions might make a big difference. 

[Publish a prize should you choose to have one]