Common challenge: Around the world together

Here' a template for the community's common challenge Around the world together. Copy the text and edit only the challenge-specific information for your community.

Let's travel around the world together


  • Encourages to physical activity
  • Challenge type: Joint target
  • Goal: To collect 42 000 km as quickly as possible 
  • All activities count, from every day activity to triathlon
  • Duration: Lasts until the goal is reached


We [name of your company or organisation] will literally go around the world and challenge you to join us! Our spectacular 42 000 km joint  challenge will be launched on xx.xx.202x. You can participate by doing any physical activity - from wood chopping and berry picking to triathlon. Log your activity in the HeiaHeia app and see in real time how our challenge is progressing.

You can collect kilometres in following ways: 

  • Log your exercise (km) manually in the HeiaHeia app (30 min of any exercise = 2.5 km)
  • Log your exercise by using the HeiaHeia tracker 
  • Connect your wearable to HeiaHeia. Instructions for connecting a wearable:

[Inform about prizes if you choose to have one]

Good luck with the challenge!