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Schedule a future activity or exercise

With HeiaHeia you can schedule future activities and receive reminders for planned exercises.

On a computer:

  • Scheduling a future activity: Log in a new entry, but schedule it for a future date.
  • Checking scheduled activities: Open your Training log > the Timeline shows future activities you have planned. View trainings by clicking the arrows in the timeline. Trainings you haven't done yet, show in grey. 
  • To edit or delete an activity, click on the training in the timeline.
  • Mark as completed after finishing your training. 


In the app

  • Scheduling a future activity: New entry > Choose a sport or activity > Choose a future date. 
  • View scheduled activities: Go to Home menu and tap on the Calendar symbol (This week agenda / today). Browse the weeks by tapping the arrows. If you have started a program, you can see the trainings of the program here. 
  • To delete an activity, tap on the activity and then the 3 points in the right upper corner -> delete.