How to access the Admin user's admin-tools

Learn how to access the Admin tools and how to get rights to access.


If you are the Admin user of your organization you will have access to the Admin-tools.  


A. Where do I find the Admin tools?


1.  Log in with your Email and password. 

2.  Click My HeiaHeia and then your organization.  For companies where you are the admin, you will see the text "Admin" next to the organization's name. The Company view will open. 

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3. Click on Admin tools.

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4. Under Admin tools -page you can set up wellbeing challenges, send messages to your community members, manages members, get reports etc. 

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B. How can get rights to access the admin tools?


An organization can have more than one Admin user.

If your organization needs to give access to the admin panel to another Admin user, please contact us here:


Note: Only the Admin user in your company can ask for new rights to access Admin panel.