Joining a community via email invitation with an existing user account

You receive an email invitation to join a community but it comes to your work email and you already have an account with another email address? Learn how to join the community with your existing account.

If you have an existing HeiaHeia account with another email address, we recommend that you continue to use this account instead of creating another account with your work email address. Here are instructions on how to join your organisation's community with an existing account. 

  • Make sure you are logged into your HeiaHeia account on your phone.  
  • Then accept the invitation email on your phone. 
  • By doing so, the account will be automatically linked to your organisation's HeiaHeia community. 
  • These two e-mail addresses will then be associated with your user account and you can log in to your account with both of them. 

If you accept the invitation to your organisation's community without being logged in to your existing HeiaHeia account at the same time, a completely new user account will be created for you (using the email address where you received the invitation). So you end up having two accounts.  Unfortunately, you cannot merge this account with your old one, nor can you change your new email address with your old email address, as both are already in use. You can only change your e-mail address to a new address if you do not already have a registered user account with HeiaHeia. See the instructions for changing your e-mail address. 


If you are joining a community using a code, enter the code in the app under Communities and Friends -> Join with a code. In the browser version, you can do this in your account settings, under Memberships in communities. This way, you can join the community with your existing user account.