Participate in HeiaHeia challenge!

In this article you'll learn about HeiaHeia's gamified challenges - how they work and how you can participate.

The HeiaHeia challenge in a nutshell:

  • Take part in the challenge as a team and/or as an individual.
  • The challenge always has a pre-set daily target. If you meet the target, you will finish with your team or as an individual within the given time. 
  • Depending on the challenge type, the daily target may be steps, exercise minutes, kilometres or points collected from a number of different wellbeing activities.
  • The challenge can also have a theme, such as mental well-being, nutrition, the environment, etc.
  • You progress in the challenge game board based on the activities you have logged. Along the way, you will reach milestones where you will be introduced to a variety of interesting and fun content.
  • You can select the individuals/teams to follow on the challenge game board and view the leaderboards in more detail.
  • The challenge usually lasts between 4 and 12 weeks.

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How to participate 


  1. Join your company's private HeiaHeia community either by accepting the invitation sent to your email or by creating an account using your company code (if you have one).
  2. Create or join a team in HeiaHeia and invite your colleagues to join the team (read more). Note! In some challenges you will not be able to create a team yourself and sometimes the challenge will run without any teams at all.
  3. To participate in the challenge, please log your entries manually in the HeiaHeia app, connect your favourite wearable OR your phone's own health app (Google Fit / Apple Health).
  4. Maintain the daily target and you'll succeed in the challenge. You can find the daily target in the bottom left corner of the challenge card.

Challenge launch, progress and results


You can see the challenge on the HeiaHeia app homepage. The challenge is in preview mode until it opens on the start date. Data entered after the start date will be included in the challenge. You can track your and other participants' progress on the game board, open milestones and follow the leaderboard among other things.



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  • Log your activities in HeiaHeia from the Plus button in the middle of the bottom menu, connect your wearable or health app to import your activities.
  • You can easily see your daily activity on the "My Day" card on the app's homepage. Aim to achieve at least the daily activity target of the challenge. 
  • Please note that the "My Day" card always shows the real activities and steps you have logged. The challenge Leaderboard will take into account any special challenge rules.


Additional challenge information and leaderboards

Challenge page

Tap on the challenge card on the homepage to see more information about the challenge. You will find the following information:

  • All the milestones in the challenge and how much is left until the next one.
  • You can view all unlocked milestones and their fun content.
  • You can view the challenge leaderboards and check your own/your team's ranking.
  • From the Leaderboards, you can also adjust your own visibility in case you don't want your name to appear on the lists. This will affect all community challenges and reporting. You will only take part anonymously. 


Game board

On the game board, you can follow the progress of the persons/teams you have chosen and try to reach the finish line at the pace of the rabbit that represents your target speed. 

You can see a preview of the challenge game board on the HeiaHeia homepage. Tap the home page game board once and then tap it again to open it full screen. At the bottom of the page you can select the players and/or teams you want to follow on the game board. Please note that in all challenges you will not be able to make this selection.

You can select a maximum number of players to be displayed on the board - 10 people and 10 teams. You will also see the rabbit on the board, which you can follow to keep up with your target pace. In addition, you'll see the person and/or team leading the challenge.

If you reach the goal before the end of the challenge, keep following your daily success in the leaderboard. They will remain open and your results will be updated until the end of the challenge!