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Adding activities or exercises (web)

Learn how to add new exercises or activities.

You can log your exercises, meals, your weight, sleep and sick days. It’s easy!


Click on the red plus sign or add activity and choose a new entry:


1. Add exercise

There are more than 600 different activities to choose from! Your top sport activities will show on the list. HeiaHeia becomes faster and easier to use as it learns your favourite activities. Click on Show all to find more sport activities.

Search your activity or scroll down the list of different sport categories.

If your activity is not listed, you can leave our support a ticket and we will see if it is possible to add to the list.


Enter all data of your activity you wish. In addition to date and duration you can add distance, your own notes, favourite, your mood and tags. Click on show options to add calories, average and max.  heart rate and elevation.


Enliven your entries by adding photos -> images –> Add.

Upload a GPX file to add tracking of your exercise.


If you want to keep your entry private or exclude from your statistics, click on private entry or exclude from stats.


Save and you're done! 


2. Log meal

 Keep of diary of your meals. The default setting for these entries is private. 


3. Log weight

If you like to keep on eye on your weight, you can log your weight for example once a week. The default setting for these entries is private.


4. If you are sick, log a sick day and rest!


5. Log sleep

A good night sleep is important for your wellbeing. Log here at what time you went to bed and woke up. You can set yourself a sleep target under your profile.


6. Under Note you can write your own notes for example about your activities or other logs.