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Tips for creating a successful HeiaHeia -challenge

In this article we share our tips for creating a successful HeiaHeia -challenge. Creating a challenge is easy, but these simple tips can help you make a difference between good and excellent execution.

  1. Choose a theme to build around the HeiaHeia -challenge. Theme can be topical event from your organisation or outside of it. It can also be related to yearly changing seasons. Metaphors are recommended to be linked to the challenges, such as “let’s walk around the world”, gets the people tune in the right mood.
  2. Set the goal to be reachable but not too easy, a well thought goal can highly increase motivation. Keep in mind that people should push themselves a little when pursuing the goal. When creating a campaign, consider the special features of your organisation such as the amount of personnel, work-environment, and previous activity in HeiaHeia.
  3. The lenght of a single HeiaHeia -challenge can vary between few weeks to several month. Does a longer HeiaHeia -challenge motivate your organisation more or do people long for variety?
  4. Rewarding encourages to participate. Even though rewarding or prizing is not mandatory, it can boost the campaign. We have noticed that lottery is a good way to share a prize, or it can be targeted to charity. Prizes can vary from movie tickets to days-off from work.
  5. Communicate actively when launching a new campaign. Spread the word within your organisation’s communication channels and HeiaHeia. Keep in mind that spreading the info can take some time depending on the size of your organisation.
  6. Follow actively the progression from HeiaHeia challenge meter and Admin reports. Stay vocal, cheer and share the metrics to people in and out HeiaHeia.