Individual challenge: Try 10 different sports

Here' a template for the Try 10 different sports -challenge. Copy the text and edit only the challenge-specific information for your community.

Try 10 different sports 


  • Encourages to try out new sports
  • Challenge type: Individual
  • Goal: Try 10 different sports
  • Duration: 3 months

Challenge yourself and take on the “10 different sports'' challenge. The goal is to try 10 (whichever) different sports in the next 3 months. You may quickly reach 5, but do you manage to complete this mission? Open HeiaHeia activities, get inspired by the versatile range of different sports and choose yours to try.

Trying different sports is the most fun with company. Draw in a colleague, spouse, friend or relative and challenge them also. You have 3 months to finish this mission.

 [Publish a prize should you choose to have one] 


Good luck!