Individual challenge: Steps millionaire

Here' a template for the individual Steps millionaire -challenge. Copy the text and edit only the challenge-specific information for your community.

Steps millionaire


Who wants to be the next steps millionaire! 

Are you the next steps millionaire? We [add your organisations name] challenge you to take one million steps within the next six months. In this challenge you’ll collect steps to your own “investment portfolio” and you get to follow its growth from the HeiaHeia challenge meter. We encourage you to diversify the risk and take steps regularly on each day so the exchange rate fluctuations won’t make such a big impact.  

Register steps by connecting your smart watch, or phones health application. Also manually logged steps are counted in!

 [Publish a prize should you choose to have one] 

Draw in a colleague, spouse or relative and start together raising the “investment portfolio”.

Even a one step is a start of a million!