Common challenge: SOS-lapsikylä Charity Challenge

Here' a template for the community's common SOS-lapsikylä Charity Challenge. Copy the text and edit only the challenge-specific information for your community.

Make dreams come true!  SOS-lapsikylä Charity Challenge

  • Inspires to get active for a good cause 
  • Challenge type: Joint target
  • Goal: Reach 1000 hours of any activity. All exercised minutes raise a pot of money for children's activities (the company commits to the donation)   
  • Time period for collecting the minutes is two months
  • NOTE: SOS-lapsikylä only operates in Finland
  • Inform before starting this campaign

[name of your company or organisation] is taking part in the SOS-lapsikylä  Dreams Come True Charity challenge and we are inviting everyone to join us for a good cause. Our goal is to collect 1 000 hours of physical activity over a two months time period with our entire work community. At the end of the challenge, the company is committed to donating xxxx € [insert amount, note min. 1000€] to support children from low-income families to participate in sports activities through SOS-lapsikylä.

The challenge is carried out in the HeiaHeia app, where you can also follow the progress of reaching our goal in real time. All activities will be counted - from woodchopping and berry picking to triathlon. So participate by being active in the way that suits you best, log your activity in HeiaHeia and contribute to a good cause at the same time.

The challenge will take place between xx.xx.202x and xx.xx.202x. Make sure all your colleagues know about this great challenge and get them to join you in doing good and being active.