Team challenge: Low-carbon work commute

Here' a template for the Low-carbon work commute -challenge. Copy the text and edit only the challenge-specific information for your community.


Low-carbon work commute

    • Inspires to change habits and activates physically
    • Challenge type: Team
    • Goal: Which team logs the most low-carbon work commute activities in HeiaHeia
    • Duration: 1 month

    Which team collects the most Low-carbon work commutes per member. Once you have commuted to work via foot, bike or electric bike, log the activity by not using eg “cycling” but activity called “Low-carbon commute”.

    NOTE that in this challenge the winning team is the one that takes the most low-carbon commutes, not the one that logs the most time or distance. You can still keep measuring the time and distance, just remember to log “Low carbon commuting” activity at the same time.

    If you are working from home office, we challenge you to “commute to work” and do a short round trip in your neighbourhood before you start your day. 

    [Publish a prize should you choose to have one] 

    New team challenge starts on Monday [add date] and finishes on Sunday [add date]. Make sure all your team members are aware and ready to participate. Follow your team's effort from the HeiaHeia challenge meter.

    Remember to work as a team!