Common challenge: Let’s earn 5 000 points together

Here' a template for the Let's earn 5 000 points together -challenge. Copy the text and edit only the challenge-specific information for your community.

Let’s earn 5 000 points together


  • Encourages to form healthy habits
  • Challenge type: Joint target
  • Goal: To earn 5 000 points as quickly as possible
  • Duration: Lasts until the goal is reached

The goal of this challenge is to collect 5 000 wellbeing points together. Wellbeing points are earned through sleep, exercise, steps, cheering, completing programmes and doing wellbeing micro actions. Be your community's sleepyhead, the cheerleader, the active or everyday exerciser, or all of these, and contribute in your own way.

[Inform about prizes should you choose to have one]

The challenge starts on xx.xx.202x and the aim is to complete the pot as quickly as possible. Activate your colleague to earn wellness points! Read more about wellness points here:

Good luck!