My Wellbeing Score

My Wellbeing Score, Score Level & earning points

Wellbeing Score is a way to track and improve your wellbeing. The score is based on earning points from a wide range of different activities, such as physical and social activity, achieving certain goals etc. The Wellbeing Score system has 5 different levels from beginner to a wellbeing champion. The more points you collect, the higher your score and your level. 

How many points do I get from my activities?

    • Logging an exercise or hobby: 1 point per 10 minutes (max. 20 pt / day)
    • Logging a micro action: 1 point (max. 20 pt / week)
    • Cheering a friend: 1 point (max. 20 pt / week)
    • Adding a new friend: 1 point (max 20 p / week)
    • Taking 5,000 steps / day: 2 points
    • Taking 10,000 steps / day: 2 points (in addition to the 2 points from 5,000 steps)
    • Sleeping 7.5 h hours / night: 4 points
    • Starting a training program: 1 point (max. 1 pt / week)
    • Completing a training program: 10 points (at the end of the program when at least 50% of the program is completed; max 10 pt / week)

Points are valid for 3 months, after which they expire. Only valid points are included in your Wellbeing Score, so the score is always a sum of your points from the last 3 months. 

Where do I see my points?

On mobile 

You can see your personal score and current level (indicated by stars) on the My wellbeing page, which you will find under the 4. tab in the bottom right corner of the app. Tap on My Wellbeing Score to open your Score Summary. Under the info symbol in the right upper corner you can view the points needed for each level, as well as the rules of Wellbeing Score points.




You can see your personal score and current level (indicated by stars) from the top banner. Browse the banner by clicking on the arrow until you see the My Wellbeing Score. Under the info symbol in the right upper corner of the banner you can view the points needed for each level and rules of the Wellbeing Score points.


Wellbeing Score levels

Level 1, Easy wins: 60 – 199 points

The user has participated in the wellbeing program sporadically. The user has at least started or tried to create a new healthy habit. A good start!

Level 2, Foundation: 200 – 499 points

The user is putting effort to at least maintain his or her current wellbeing level regularly. The user exercises on average once a week and also does other micro actions. 

Level 3, Sweet spot: 500 – 749 points

This level is the ideal level in terms of health. The user exercises regularly and reaches several World Health Organisation targets. At this level, we can say that the user is taking good care of her/himself. 

Level 4: Improved fitness: 750 – 999 points

Level 5: Wellbeing Champion: 1,000 – 10,000 points

The users that reach levels 4 and 5 are active people - and also active HeiaHeia users. The users are making active choices on a day-to-day basis to improve and sustain their healthy lifestyle.

All users start from level 0. The 5 wellbeing levels serve as a 3-month wellbeing indicator, so in 3 months' time you should have a clear idea of how well you are.

A recommended principle is to aim at reaching new levels and to maintain at least level 3 throughout the year.