Following and communicating with a client

You can cheer on your clients, give feedback and track their progress.

Tracking training progress and using commands

  1. Go to your account home view (web version)
  2. Click on Clients for a snapshot of all your clients. You can click on a client’s  training log or stats, or send him or her a message. You can also single out workouts you can comment on or cheer on using a cheering icon. 

Messaging with clients

You can communicate with your clients by clicking on Send Message, through the Inbox on our website or the messaging feature in the HeiaHeia app. Instructions on how to use the messaging feature:

In the app

  1. Download the HeiaHeia app and log into your account
  2. Tap on Messages
  3. Start chatting with your client
  4. Chat real-time, share photos and video links

On our website

  1. Log into HeiaHeia
  2. Click on the Inbox in the upper-right corner
  3. Start chatting with your client

Send a group message

  • You can send a message to all clients in a HeiaHeia group.
  • Go to the home view (web)
  • Choose a group from Groups in the left-hand menu 
  • Click on the megaphone icon and write your message (you can add a photo or video link)

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