Coaching feature basics

You can start using the service once you have a HeiaHeia account and have accepted the coaching invitation. 

Whether you use a computer or the HeiaHeia app, logging your exercises is easy. Click or tap on a sports icon and fill in the details. Instructions.

Connecting wearables

  • You can connect a wearable device to your HeiaHeia account and automatically bring your training data for you and your coach to see.
  • To connect a device, go to your account and choose Settings. Instructions.

Communicating with your coach

Communicate with your coach using our instant messaging tool. You will receive a new message notification in your HeiaHeia inbox and app and you can reply real-time.

  • Web version: Inbox in the upper-right corner > Coach 
  • App: Tap Account > Messages

Training with your coach

  • Your coach can send you individual workouts, questionnaires or start a training program.
  • You will receive daily reminders in your phone and in the home view of the web version. After completing a workout, log your sport or activity into HeiaHeia where your coach can see it.
  • All your exercises for the week are listed under Agenda for the week (app) and your Training log (web).

Tracking your stats

With HeiaHeia you can track your progress using your training log and stats. Look for Stats in the home view of the web version. Instructions.

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