My Wellbeing Score

Follow and improve your own wellbeing with the Wellbeing Score. Collect points by being active and all wellbeing activities count! The more points you gain, the higher the score and the level you will be on. The levels go from 0-5 and all users start from level 0. In three months time you should have a clear idea of how well you are. You can follow your score straight from the HeiaHeia app. 

The five welbeing levels serve as a three month wellbeing indicator and will always should the accumulated score for the last three months. In other words, your points are valid for three months at a time, after which you will lose the oldest points one week at a time. Aim for climbing consistently in levels and that you would maintain your status on level 3 for the entire year. 

We will go through the levels and award active users throughout the year. By being active you can win some of our wellbeing rewards!

Good luck!

You will get points for the following activities: 

Exercise                                             1 p. + 1 p. / 15 min                                           

Wellbeing Activities                          1 p.                                 

10 000 steps / day                            4 p.                     

7.5h sleep / night                              4 p.               

Adding a friend in HeiaHeia              1 p.

Completing a training programme   max 20 p.

Cheering a friend                              1 p. / max 20 p. per week       


Five Wellbeing Levels:

Level 1 ”Easy wins”: The user has participated in the wellbeing programme sporadically. The user has at least started or tried to create a new healthy habit.

Level 2 ”the Foundation”: The user putting in effort to at least maintain his or her current wellbeing level regularly. The user exercises on average once a week and also does other wellbeing activities. 

Level 3 ”the Sweet spot”: This level is the ideal level in terms of health. The user exercise regularly and reaches several World Health Organisation targets. At this level we can say that the user is taking good care of herself. 

Level 4 ”Improved fitness” and 5 ”Wellbeing Champion”: The users that reach these levels are active people and also active HeiaHeia users. The users are doing active choices on a day to day basis to improve and sustain their healthy lifestyle.

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