HeiaHeia Wellbeing Score

Increase your wellbeing with the Wellbeing Score!

Follow and improve your wellbeing with the Wellbeing Score available with HeiaHeia for Workplaces (not visible for free-users). Collect points by being active and logging healthy deeds. The more points you collect, the higher your score and level will be.

Aim at reaching new levels and that you at least stay at level 3 all year.  You can see your personal score and current level from the top slider in the app. The points needed for each levels and rules of the Wellbeing Score can be found by clicking on the banner or from your Account-page. You can also see your score level in web-HeiaHeia from your profile info page.

Your Wellbeing Score is valid for 3 months, after which you will start losing your oldest points and new points will be added to your score. So your score will always be the sum of the points from your last three months. From mobile application, you can see how your points increased or decreased the previous week.

You will receive points from:

  • Exercise    1pt and 1p. for every 15 min
  • Wellbeing activities    4 pt
  • 10 000 steps/day     4 pt
  • 7,5h sleep/night    4 pt
  • Completing training programs    max 20 pt
  • Adding a friend in HeiaHeia    1pt
  • Cheering your friend  1 pt (max 20 pt /week)

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