Polar sync problem (2/2019)

We experienced a technical problem with our Polar-sync that influenced especially connecting HeiaHeia and Parempi Vire with Polar Flow service as well as synchronising training data with Polar flow (2/2019). The affected users mostly used Android devices.

My Polar still does not sync with HeiaHeia - what can I do?

You should download a new version of your HeiaHeia application (Google Play or App Store). The new release has an updated version of the Polar connection. Please note that the connection does not import your old Polar data or trainings. 

As the connection does not import old training data, and connection to Polar devices in HeiaHeia was broken during few days in February, we are importing historical training data from this time period (end of Fendruary 2019) during the first week of March 2019.

How can I connect my Polar device to HeiaHeia? Please read our support article with instructions from here.

Thank you for understanding and sorry about the inconvenience and delay of using our service. Please contact our support if you are still experiencing problems with connecting your Polar device to HeiaHeia.

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