Set a weekly target

A tangible training target is your roadmap to success.

Set your weekly target using one of the following units:

  • Hours
  • Exercises
  • Distance    
  • Steps
  • Wellness entries

You can always change your weekly target. To delete a target, click on your Activity meter in the web version and set your target amount to 0.

Set a weekly target on a computer

  1. Home view > Click on the Activity meter (top of the page)
  2. Set your weekly training target
  3. The Activity meter shows your progress in one simple graph

Set a weekly goal in the Android app

  1. Home view > Swipe right
  2. Tap This week > Set your weekly target
  3. Your weekly target appears as a graph in your home view

Set a weekly goal in the iOS app

  1. Home view > Tap on the gear icon in "This week" top view
  2. Set a target and choose a unit
  3. Your weekly target appears as a graph at the top of your home view

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