Planning: Choosing a wellness program

Once your goal is clear, it’s time to choose a program to match. HeiaHeia has several different types of programs and challenges to choose from. Our sales team will help you find the most fitting one. Community admins can edit or create programs for their HeiaHeia community (instructions).

About programs:

  • Different wellness sectors and distinct organizational goals merit different and distinct programs
  • We recommend launching one or two bigger and broader programs alongside personal challenges during your campaign. A good wellness program has a clear beginning and end. A successful program also requires messages of cheer and encouragement. 
  • Don’t forget to plan for rewards that inspire and incite.

Team race

  • Well-suited for a competition between offices or departments.
  • You can choose to measure either the grand total or average score per participant, and whether to measure number of fitness and/or wellness activities. 
  • Most active office (hours of exercise per active participant).
  • Steps taken challenge.
  • Team with highest number of different sports.
  • Team with highest number of different wellness activities.

  • In team races:
  • Activate the less active
  • One of your goals is more close-knit teams
  • All aboard and all on board, and that goes for the decision-making process as well
  • Team managers should set an example
    Why not arrange a prize-draw at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the team challenge?

Community-wide challenge

  • If you prefer a company-wide challenge, have your HeiaHeia community take a trip around the world. Every activity speeds your journey along.
  • Agree to give to a charity once you hit your target, or reward your staff.

Personal challenge

  • Exceeding oneself is the best reward.
  • Set a weekly exercise target (for example: 2.5 hrs/wk). Reward all who meet or exceed the target, or draw prizes among all who met the target. 
  • Set up a meter where each participant sees personal progress in relation to the group average.

Workday wellness activities

  • Goal: developing new routines and healthy habits in the workplace
  • Choose a set of health-related activities and set a weekly target (for example: 3 activities/week/active participant)

Personal best challenge

An additional service in the form of a personal best challenge where you collect points and level up using your fitness and wellness activities. This challenge is a great addition to campaigns and programs that aim at habit-forming. Contact sales for more information!

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Once you have settled on a program, it’s time to plan for the different stages ahead.

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