Launch: Kick-off session

Holding a kick-off session in the workplace is a good way of letting everyone know your wellness campaign is about to start. Make sure you answer the following:

  1. What is HeiaHeia and why should I join the service?
  2. Why are we launching HeiaHeia?
  3. How do I use the service and what does the first program entail?
  4. Are there prizes or rewards in store?

We recommend holding the Kick-off session as you are about to launch your first wellness or fitness program. Send out the invitations to join HeiaHeia just before the Kick-off session so you’ll be able to give tips and instructions on how to use the service during your session, such as how to log entries and cheer others.

Please be in touch with your HeiaHeia contact if you need any help putting together a successful Kick-off.

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