Planning: The different stages of your wellness campaign

Well begun is half done. Decide what you want to achieve with your campaign then gather the necessary tools for reaching your goals. If you need help planning your campaign, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Planning your goal

  • What do you want to achieve with your campaign? Do you want participants to log in fitness- or health-related activities, or engage in everyday physical activity? Would you rather have a friendly competition between teams or have the whole workplace working toward a common goal? Or would personal goals work best? Read more on goals.

  • How to reward participants? With HeiaHeia you can reward the most active participants and those most active in cheering others, and arrange prize-draws. We will send admins detailed reports and additional information. Read more on rewards. Don’t forget to communicate! Get your message across with our info message feature (the megaphone icon) and through your internal communication channels.

  • Campaign timeline. Set a start and end date, and a date or dates for giving out potential prizes and rewards.

Launching the service

  • Choose a suitable wellness program. Your HeiaHeia team will help you launch the service and run the program. An average wellness or fitness program runs for 6 to 8 weeks. Read more on launching a program and choosing a theme.

  • Check your community settings (company logo and other layout settings) and create teams if applicable (create teams through the admin panel)

  • HeiaHeia pilot. You have the option of testing the service with a pilot project. Participants will be equipped to help colleagues use the service.

  • Invest in a good launch. A good time to launch your campaign is during your company activity day. Tips on launching the service.

Don’t forget to communicate before and during your campaign

Plan your pre-launch internal communications and marketing. Make use of your company intranet or bulletin boards and get managers on board. Pre-launch communications have a big impact on participation percentages.

Make sure you include the following in your communications:

  • Timeline, framework and campaign implementation
  • Goal and potential rewards
  • How to join the campaign
  • Send out invitations to your HeiaHeia community (instructions)

During the campaign

  • Communicate. Set motivating intermediate goals, and reward and interact with your staff when they achieve those goals. HeiaHeia will send out weekly messages (emails, status updates and info messages), but we recommend you send out additional communications of your own. Use our messaging tool for inspiring communications on how you are coming on with photos or video links attached (instructions).

  • Reinvite. Send out a reinvite to all who haven’t joined your HeiaHeia community (instructions). Don’t forget to invite employees who may have only just joined your company.

At the end of the campaign

  • Thank all participants for a job well done and give out potential prizes. Communicate! Use our info messaging tool to share a pic of the winning team celebrating their victory.
  • Start marketing the next stage, what you have in store and when the planned launch is.
  • Review the community stats in your admin panel and ask your HeiaHeia contact for more information on how you fared. Those stats can prove useful when planning other future operations. Take stock. What went according to plan? Is there room for improvement? Use what you learn to make the next campaign and future programs even better!

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