Amped-up results and holistic wellbeing for your workplace wellness programs

Take your digital wellness campaign to the next level with wellness workshops and personal coaching. Hintsa Performance offers its corporate customers Hintsa Performance coaching and educational workshops. Many of our clients have chosen both HeiaHeia and Hintsa wellness solutions to go with their workplace wellness programs. Our performance coaching and educational workshops are designed with your goals and themes in mind.

The Hintsa philosophy is based on the belief that “success is a by-product of wellbeing.” The Hintsa concept of holistic wellbeing contains six components: general health, physical activity, mental energy, nutrition, biomechanics, and sleep and recovery. This circle of six is held together by the Core, and every individual component affects personal wellbeing and thus performance. The Hintsa evidence-based method has helped Formula 1 champions, business executives and executive boards alike reach their full potential.

Hintsa Educational Workshops combine HeiaHeia’s digital content with sessions on the different components of holistic wellbeing. Our workshops are an excellent option for coaching work units. The first session introduces the Hintsa holistic approach to wellbeing and how the different components affect one another. The following sessions focus on one component at a time. All sessions will be held by our Performance Coaches and include both theory and practical tips on each component. HeiaHeia digital content is an integral part of Hintsa Educational Workshops. HeiaHeia workplace wellness programs put workshop theory into practice and turn your new knowledge into new habits.

Hintsa Performance Coaching programs focus on high performance and holistic wellbeing. Our Performance Coaching programs are an excellent option for executive boards. Since the success of each program largely depends on the coach, we take extra care to choose the right coach for each client and program. Hintsa Performance coaching can be carried out as an individual or board-wide program, online and on-site.

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