HeiaHeia Privacy and Data-Handling Essentials

We have found that mutual support and encouragement between colleagues and friends can be a tremendous exercise and activity motivator. Some, however, may not be comfortable with sharing personal information with others, but HeiaHeia can also be used as a personal training diary. HeiaHeia does not automatically share activity logins with other users, and users can participate in workplace wellness programs without sharing their activities with others.


Summary of Service and Privacy

  • HeiaHeia is social wellness service and fitness motivator
  • The home view is a social “feed” where you can cheer on your HeiaHeia friends and see their activity logins
  • HeiaHeia users own their personal information and decide who they share it with
  • Users can adjust their privacy on two levels: the privacy settings and through friends added
  • Privacy settings determine who can see the information, such as the training log, of individual users
  • Friends automatically see one another’s activities on their feeds
  • Staff and employees can take part in HeiaHeia workplace wellness programs without sharing their activities with anyone
  • The workplace admin has access to activity summary reports but not the individual logins of individual users


Privacy and Participation Baseline

HeiaHeia privacy settings and friends added determine what information a user sees about another user and his/her activities. Adding and having HeiaHeia friends is the determining factor. Participating in a workplace wellness program does not require users to share their activities with colleagues. Even when a user decides not to add any friends and keeps all logins private, all his/her activities will nonetheless be added to the grand total of workplace wellness or fitness logins.


Adding Friends and Accepting Invitations on HeiaHeia

Adding friends on HeiaHeia allows colleagues to share their activities with one another. Friends invited must first accept the invitation.

  • Friend invitations on HeiaHeia:
    • web: (Log in) Select your community (top navigation bar) → Members → Find friends
    • mobile: Account → Friends 
  • Accepting a friend invitation:
    • Friend invites appear in your HeiaHeia account inbox where you can accept or reject it.
    • Users will also receive an email notifying them of HeiaHeia friend invitations.


Who sees your user information (profile and training log)?

Users can choose between three levels of privacy, and the level chosen determines who can see their profile and training log. The choices are available in Settings:

  • All HeiaHeia users: (all HeiaHeia users can see your profile and training log). Meaning: every HeiaHeia user can see both your profile and your activities.
  • Colleagues and HeiaHeia friends: Only the users in your HeiaHeia community and your HeiaHeia friends can see your profile and training log. Other HeiaHeia users will only see your name and picture.
  • HeiaHeia friends: Only colleagues you have added as HeiaHeia friends can see your profile and training log. Other HeiaHeia users will only see your name and picture.

 On whose feed will your HeiaHeia training log appear?

Your training log will only appear in the HeiaHeia feed of your HeiaHeia friends. This applies to work communities as well: Only colleagues who have added one another as friends on HeiaHeia will be able to see one another’s training logs in their personal feeds.

Other Privacy Settings

Location and maps: Users can choose whether or not they want to share the location and maps of logins with other users (in Settings).

Single exercises and entries: Users with HeiaHeia friends can choose to login an entry as Private, in which case it will not be shared with HeiaHeia friends, simply mark the entry, or edit past entries, as Private.

Certain entries are private by default: Training logs are shared with HeiaHeia friends by default, whereas entries such as weight, steps taken or sleep are private and will not be shared unless a user chooses to share them with others (by removing a certain entry from the Private category). All questionnaires taken and answers provided through HeiaHeia are private.

Information available to the service provider and the workplace admin

Since HeiaHeia users own their personal information, they also have the right to delete their HeiaHeia account/separate their personal HeiaHeia account from a HeiaHeia community. Deleting an account requires going through our website (logging in to www.heiaheia.com on a computer and choosing Account → Settings → Delete my HeiaHeia account).

Workplace admins only see community level information, such as average activity and user numbers, no personally identifiable information.

If a company chooses to reward users based on activity, the admin will have access to necessary information for awarding achievements. This information, or information regarding employee wellness, is never detailed or personally identifiable.

The HeiaHeia Privacy Policy complies with the Finnish Act on the Protection of Privacy and the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

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