How to connect Google Fit to HeiaHeia

You need to connect your HeiaHeia app with Google Fit to import training data from Google Fit and third-party applications connected to Google Fit (such as Strava).

Open the HeiaHeia app. Tap Menu > Preferences > Google Fit preferences > Connect to Google Fit. Swipe the toggle to activate Connect to Google Fit and swipe the toggle to activate Import workouts.

Your Google Fit training data will now be imported to HeiaHeia. Open the Google Fit app to view information shared with HeiaHeia.

Select Google Fit and Tap Menu > Settings > Connected apps > HeiaHeia

Short guide HeiaHeia Google Fit

Short guide Google Fit HeiaHeia 2

Quick guide to importing data from third party applications connected to Google Fit:

Choose an application and grant Google Fit permission to use sharable data. (If you encounter a problem, please contact the support team of the app in question.) The app is now listed in Connected apps. Click on an app to see what information Google Fit has access to.

Data types imported from Google Fit:

  • Daily activity: activity times and types, distance, floors climbed, goals reached, steps
  • Training log: average speed, calories, distance, duration, sport (~90 different sports)

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