How to connect Apple Health with HeiaHeia

You need to connect your HeiaHeia app with Apple Health to import data from your iPhone, iPod, Apple Watch and third-party applications compatible with Apple Health (such as Strava). To have your data synced (after you have created the connection), you need to visit HeiaHeia at least once a week to import data from Apple Health.

1. Open the HeiaHeia app --> Account

2. Open Settings

3. Toggle the Import workouts from the Health app on.


The HeiaHeia app is now listed under Sources in your Health app. Go to Sources > HeiaHeia to allow HeiaHeia to access your Health data.

4. Open the Health app 

5. Open the Sources --> HeiaHeia!.

6. Select the data types you want to import to HeiaHeia (Flights Climbed, Heart Rate, Sleep Analysis, Steps, Walking + Running Distance, Workouts) .


Importing data from third-party applications compatible with Apple Health

You need to enable your favorite health and fitness apps to export data to Apple Health in order to receive the data recorded in those apps (e.g. Strava).

7. The sequence differs slightly for each app, but usually all that is required is opening the app, tapping Menu then Settings and toggling the Health switch on. (If you encounter a problem, please contact the support team of the app in question.)

8. The app is now listed in Sources. Click on an app to control the data types the app can export to Apple Health

Data types imported from Apple Health:

  • Daily activity: steps, floors climbed, distance walking/running, sleep
  • Weight
  • Training log: sport (list of supported sports here), duration, calories, distance, maximum heart rate, average heart rate) 

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