Admin-tool: Instructions to inviting new participants

This article explains how to invite participants to a HeiaHeia community as an admin. To invite people, go to the admin page as instructed here.

There are two ways to invite people to your community: Sending individual emails and sharing a link.

Invitation by individual email

The menu for sending individual email invitations is found by clicking on "Manage users" and then "Invite users" on the left hand side panel.

Important: Before sending email invitations ask the invitees, if they already have HeiaHeia account. Use then that email for their invitations.

Follow these steps to send invitations:

1.) Edit the invitation text

Click on "Edit invitation text" to open a page for modifying the message that will be sent to those invited. This field includes an example text by default and can be used as such. There are three different message types and you don't need to worry about which text to send to different addresses, as HeiaHeia will automatically detect whether the user already has a HeiaHeia account. Note that you only need to modify languages you wish to send, as the language for each sent message can be set later.

2.) Choose whether you want to invite up to 10 people at a time or mass invite more than 10 people at a time

a.) Invite up to 10 people at once

If you choose to invite up to 10 people at once, click "Invite users". Then fill in the required information about every person you want to invite. Here you can choose the language of each invitation. HeiaHeia will detect automatically whether the person already has an account and will format the invitation email accordingly.

b.) Mass invite more people at once

To invite more than 10 people at once, click "Mass-invite users". That page has step-by-step instructions on filling the list of people you want to invite. The file you need to download and fill can be opened in Excel or another similar program. Required information is similar to what is needed in "Invite users". 

3.) Finally click "Send invitations", and invitation emails will be sent to each person on the list.

Invitation by sharing link

The previous method of inviting users might not be feasible in all cases. For example, if you don't know the email addresses of all people you wish to invite and want to contact them in some other way instead, you can share the link to your community. The invitees will then fill in their personal information themselves. To enable joining you community using a shared link, take the following steps:

1.) Click "Company profile" on the left hand side menu in the admin panel.2.) Click "Edit" in the lower right hand side corner.3.) Under "URL" you will find two choices, the other enabling joining using a company URL, the other enabling joining with a password. Select either one of these and click "Save" on the lower right hand side corner. Joining using a password is the recommended option for privacy. Otherwise anyone who happens to stumble upon your community page can join it.

4.) Share the link (in the form of (and password if required) to people you wish to join the community. They can then join your community just by following the link.

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