Admin-tool: Custom visual elements

Company logo

You can change the company logo visible in left hand top corner of the community page from the admin page, in the "Company profile" section. The optimal size for your logo is 260x90 pixels and the recommended format is .png.

Target Meter

In addition to the default Campaign Meters we have available, you can also create a custom meter. We recommend asking HeiaHeia for assistance, as we have lots of insight in making the design fit in with the interface. Tips for your own design:

  • The size is 465x198 px.
  • Graphic elements such as circles to denote start and goal, a moving athlete figure and numbers in both lower corners will be placed on top of your design. Below is an example picture with dynamic parts
  • The file must be a transparent .png
  • Round off corners as seen below.

Info Messages

Community admins are able to send info messages to community members containing text, links, pictures and YouTube or Vimeo videos. The maximum width for attached pictures is 469px, wider pictures will be scaled down automatically.



Team Icons

If you have teams in your Community, you can personalize them with small logos instead of the default picture. You can change team logos on the team settings page. The optimal size for a team logo is 73x73 pixels or larger.

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