Admin-tool: Setting a target for a community

As an admin of a community you can set and modify targets and challenges for the community.Below, each target type and setting them for your community is explained.

Setting a Target

1.) Make sure that you are in the community page. To go to the community page, click on the community name on the right hand side of the HeiaHeia page.

2.) Click on the target icon at the top of the community page.

(The target/challenge looks initially something like this, but looks mary vary depending on previously set targets)

3.) Click on "Create new target" to begin setting a new target for your community. "Edit current target" can be used later to modify an already set target.

Different target types

Campaign meter
Clicking on "Campaign meter" allows you to create a one-time campaign with a set starting date and a goal to achieve. You can pick a theme for your campaign and then customize the details of your campaign. Settings include choosing which sports count towards your target, units of measurement and a starting date. Please note that:
- If you choose to measure km, mi or steps, you need to choose a conversion multiplier.
- Choose your measured unit according to what you're trying to achieve with your campaign. For example, measuring the amount of different sports employees try can be a fun way to encourage trying new sports.
- The starting date can only be a Monday. If the starting date set to be in the past, all actions logged after that date will count retroactively.
Your campaign will end as soon as the target is reached.

Team Race
A team Race is a campaign mode where teams within your community compete against each other. After choosing a campaign theme, you can customize settings and how progress is measured, much like regular campaigns. One notable difference is that a Team Race has a set ending date, after which the results are final and the winning team can be awarded.
You can create teams before or after setting the race target. Teams can be created either using the admin panel (on "Manage teams"), or by clicking the "TEAMS" tab on left hand side in the community view, where you'll find "Create a team".

Always-on meter

If you don't want to have separate campaigns but would rather promote continuous activity, you can choose an Always-on meter. It gives you a goal that resets after a certain time of your choosing. Basic settings besides the time period (ranging from one week to a year) are similar to other targets. Remember to write a cheering description for your target.

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